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More Updates Coming Soon!

If you've visited this site at any time in the last few years, you are well aware it's been a sad few years in terms of regular website updates. I've spent that time baking and creating thousands of custom cookies for local parties and events. And while it's a... Read More...

Poison Apple Sugar Cookies

Inspiration for cookie designs can come from just about anywhere. In this case, it came from a lengthy text conversation with my niece, Gloria. I have no idea how we two adults started texting about Disney and ornaments and villains, but what came out of it wa... Read More...

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Royal Icing Recipe

This may seem hard to believe, but I have counted all of the royal icing recipes on the internet, and there are in fact ... Read More...


I love when I LOVE the cookie theme I'm asked to do. This project started when my old boss Kari sent me a message about ... Read More...

Minions Cupcakes

Early Monday morning my boss sent me a text to ask if I would have time after work to make Minions cupcakes for her. She... Read More...

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  • And so many more cookies to come for this weekend!
  • In the cookie world where EVERYTHING has been what about
  • Queen Bee  LOL Surprise cookie set!
  • The doctor is in baking drseuss catinthehat babyshower cookies sugarcookies
  • Another of the cookies I made for TDs wedding! I