Christmas Wreath Cookies

Things on hand:
• Piping bags
Leaf piping tip
Small plain piping tip
Optional: Metallic gold or silver edible paint for leaf accents

Things you’ll need to make:
 Round sugar cookies
• Green royal icing in a medium/stiff consistency
Red royal icing in a medium consistency
 Red bows (I made mine out of fondant, but you can use store bought bows or make your own out of fondant or royal icing)

All of the Christmas cookies I’m making this year have one theme: EASY. Sure, “easy” is a relative term and what’s easy for some isn’t easy for others. So what I mean when I say easy is one to two colors of icing at most, and a couple of finishing accents. Basically, cookies you can make in an afternoon while watching your favorite Christmas movie (whether it be Home Alone, Love Actually, or the family favorite, Die Hard).

Any round cookie will do. I prefer the a hole in the center of the wreaths, so I used a smaller round cookie cutter for cutouts.

Grab your medium-stiff green royal icing and get ready to pipe with your leaf piping tip. If needed, the royal icing recipe I use is here.

Starting a long the inner edge of your wreath, pipe small leaves that are slightly overlapping, alternating the direction of the leaves. After the inner circle is done, start your next leaf circle in the same way, continuing until the entire wreath is covered in leaves.

While the green is drying, make your fondant bows. You can either hand-form these to your preferred size or make things super easy on yourself with a non-stick silicone mold.

Affix your bows to the dry leaves with a dab of royal icing. Using your medium consistency red royal icing, finish your cookie with a few small berry clusters here and there around the Christmas wreath.

If you want to get extra fancy, you can use different colors of icing or sprinkles for extra embellishments (think colorful ornaments, snow, and pine cones, etc.). I’m old school, so I like the classic red and green color combo! (Ok, with a few metallic gold accents here and there. I couldn’t help myself.)

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