Cute Cherry Cookies

I’ve never been known for my patience. Rather than waiting months for cherry season, I’ve taken matters into my own hands in order to get my paws on some cheery cherries. Cherry cookies are crazy cute and super easy to do. There are just three colors of royal icing needed and there’s no hating that.

Here’s a quick look at all the steps needed for these decorated cherry cookies.

For a more detailed step-by-step, keep scrolling.

Once you have your baked and cooled cookies, it’s time to grab that royal icing. Medium consistency royal icing is used for the red cherry and pink accent. It’s a consistency that is thin enough to smooth out, but not so thin that it’ll run over the edge. It’s similar consistency tooooooo… ketchup? The red icing does look like ketchup, doesn’t it?

First, pipe on the red shape and use a scribe tool or toothpick to help smooth it out if necessary.

Immediately draw on the pink accent over the wet icing in a bit of a lazy “S” shape.

This wet-on-wet technique will give you a two-tone surface that’s totally smooth. I used a Ateco #1 standard piping tip for the red icing and a #00 piping tip for the pink.

Once the first cherry dries a bit, do the same thing all over again with the other cherry. The first cherry doesn’t have to be totally dry. See how the cherry on the right is slightly deeper in color and not as reflective? It’s just dry enough on the surface that there will be a line between the two cherries, keeping some definition there.

Wait for both cherries to dry and add on your green stems and leaves, both a medium consistency icing. To help speed up the drying time, I put my cookies in front of an oscillating.

The stems and leaf were both added with an Ateco #1 piping tip.

If you want to be a little extra, you can also add accents to the leaves.

Here, I piped a squiggly green border on top of the dried leaf. I then used a small paintbrush to “grab” the freshly piped icing and drag it toward the center of the leaf. This just gives a little bit of texture to the leaf.


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