There are a number of things that my sister Vicky is known to love, but the first three that always come to mind are the color blue, Michael Bublé and butterflies. Since making people-shaped cookies are a skill I will likely never acquire, I made some cute butterfly cookies for her birthday.


For the small butterflies, I placed the cut-out dough onto a cake pop pan so the cookies would bake into a cute curved shape. These were baked for just about five minutes and left to cool completely before I dared move them. Once totally cooled, they could be handled easily and kept their in-flight shape with no problem.


Royal icing was used to decorate these little guys. The icing consistency was about the same as I would normally use to outline sugar cookies. It was thick enough that it wouldn’t run over the edge of the cookie, but thin enough to spread smoothly.


I also made some larger butterflies and frosted them with white and two shades of blue royal icing. I used a wet on wet technique for the royal icing so that I could draw the designs onto the butterflies and the icing would dry (nearly) completely flat.


These butterflies are almost calming to look at. My sister and the rest of the familia loved them!


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