Minions Cupcakes

Early Monday morning my boss sent me a text to ask if I would have time after work to make Minions cupcakes for her. She apparently hadn’t checked her email yet to see that I was using a last minute sick day. Oops!

I was fortunately not actually sick – just EXHAUSTED from the day before. This Oakland gal isn’t used to being surrounded by dirt bikes and dust in triple digit heat from 9AM-6PM. Talk about draining!

After a cup or three of coffee I was half back to normal and off to buy the makings for these Minions cupcakes. They’re actually super easy to make! I went with homemade cupcakes and buttercream frosting, but these could very easily be made with store-bought goods to speed things up.

Making of Minions:

Homemade chocolate cupcakes and blue-tinted vanilla buttercream frosting as the base. The minions are made with 1/2 Twinkie, chocolate jimmies for the hair, plus white Smarties and chocolate frosting for the glasses and smiles.

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