Chocolate chip cookies plus red sixlets seemed like such a great idea. I mean, look at this! What is not awesome about these tasty bits together?



SixletFAILWell, it turns out that sixlets DO NOT like to be baked. They essentially melted away to make one super ugly cookie. Who the hell would want to eat this?

Ugly cookies are unacceptable. Sure, they tasted great, but yikes. U-G-L-Y.

After the first dozen came out as an obvious failure I decided to add some zazz. Zazz in this case meant dipping the cookie dough in colorful sprinkles. Whatever works, right?


Cookies saved! And lesson learned.


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    • Angelica

      Oh, they were definitely melty and delicious! Super good actually. So good I ended up making a brand new batch (sprinkles and all) and just left out the sixlets candies. I would definitely make them again – they’re super cute and fun.


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