Yesterday I made coconut and marshmallow cupcakes, but I set a bunch of undecorated cupcakes aside. I must have been subconsciously planning ahead for a little midnight snacking. After an hour or two, it became clear that I have a problem. I COULD NOT just leave the plain cupcakes alone.


I crumbled the coconut cupcakes in a mini food processor and then mixed in a heaping tablespoon of the vanilla frosting I had left over. I rolled the cake into balls and popped them into the freezer for 15 minutes.

While the coconut cake balls were chilling out, I got a cup of sweetened flaked coconut and added this awesome electric green color. A bowl didn’t work well for mixing in the color, but a plastic ziplock bag was great. The ziplock bag let me mush/roll/shake the coconut and color around until the electric green was evenly distributed.


The balls took a quick dip in some melted white dipping candy and sprinkled with the electric green coconut.



WAIT! Why didn’t I color the inside cake green too???

I have more cake balls left. Be right back.



Ok, now I’m done.

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