One of my friends was putting together her first candy table for a baby shower and I think she was feeling the pressure. She wanted something personal that would make the display extra special, so I was asked to make some cute elephant sugar cookies.


The elephants were baked and decorated to match the colors of the party – pink, yellow and light blue. After decorating all of the cookies, I decided to try something different and busted out one of my new bake shop finds. There are these cool edible color and shimmer sprays that come in mini spray paint cans. The sprays can be used to spray paint cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and probably anything else you want. Do you have a craving for metallic gold asparagus? A gold shimmer spray will make it happen. I took a more sane route and used the “pearl” spray on some of the elephant cookies.

Check it out! You can see the pearly texture it added to the cookies – it really made them sparkle.



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