Double-Decker Marshmallow Fondant Cookies

I had lots of marshmallow fondant left from my little monogram experiment and wanted to find another cute use for fondant. New cookie cutters and food coloring gels were just delivered to my mailbox, so wouldn’t you know it, I had the perfect excuse to make another baking tornado in the kitchen.

I was inspired by these cookies my co-worker sent me a link to. (Did you check them out? Do it. They’re so cute it’s disgusting.) I baked up a whole bunch of sugar cookies to get things rolling. Any cut-out sugar cookie recipe you like should do here, but I tried out the Bake at 350 recipe. This recipe turned out to be super easy (and tasty to boot!).

Once the dough was ready to rock and rolled out, I cut out tiny hearts. Since I wanted relatively small cookies overall, these mini hearts are about one inch across.

While the sugar cookie hearts were baking, I colored some marshmallow fondant with my new super red food coloring. Can you believe this red? So vibrant and awesome. I used the same one-inch heart cookie cutter to cut out little red fondant hearts.

Once the sugar cookies were done, I put a tiny drop of royal icing on the cookie to act like a glue and then placed the red marshmallow fondant heart on top, finishing up by smoothing the edges.

While I was at it, I also made a bunch of square cookies. Just like before, I used the same square cookie cutter to cut out some white fondant. They looked like sugar cookie pillows! Then, with a little bit of royal icing help, the hearts were placed on the white square cookies.


I decided to makes some single layer cookies as well. Instead of adding an extra heart-shaped cookie on top, I cut a tiny heart out of the fondant. As I was cutting these squares out, they reminded me of ravioli. Yes, while I was making cookies I was daydreaming about pasta. Am I crazy?

For the cut-out ones, once the fondant was on the cookie, I filled the empty heart with royal icing and sprinkled colored sanding sugar over the royal icing heart opening. The sanding sugar only sticks to the icing, which made this bit super easy to do.

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