I wasn’t always a baseball fan, but living four blocks away from AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, totally changed that. Yes, I was born in Oakland and now live in Oakland, but I don’t think I’ll be giving up the orange and black anytime soon. I also happen to really like the color black, so there’s that.

Today is the start of the new season, so you know I had to make some SF Giants cookies!


I traced the SF logo onto some wax paper with orange-tinted royal icing. It was left to dry overnight and they popped right off in the morning. I did end up breaking five or so, but half of the breakage was caused by me dropping them onto the counter.


This same morning I whipped up some cookie dough and cut out a bunch of circles that were just larger than the logo.


Once the cookies were baked and completely cooled, it was time to start making them look more like baseballs.

The first step for this is the white border. I’m actually getting better at making circles with icing! Go me!


While the outline was drying, I started thinking about what other colors I might want for the baseball. Of course, this step should have been FIRST, but I tend to do things ass-backwards.


In the end, I settled on using only orange and black. You can’t go wrong with orange and black, right?


The icing was left to dry for several hours and then I was able to write on the cookie with an edible food ink pen. I used the same circle cookie cutter as a guide and traced two semi-circles on the cookie for the stitching.


Then I went back over the black line with orange royal icing “stitching” which finished off the cookie.


Lots of steps here! And totally worth it.


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  1. anna wong

    Hi there,
    What tip did you use to trace the SF logo? and where did you get the SF print out. Will you send them to me? Would love to try making those beautiful cookies! Thank you for sharing. Amazing work

    • Angelica

      Hi Anna – I usually use a #2 piping tip for all my tracing. The print out was made myself, but I unfortunately don’t have it anymore. If you just do an internet image search for “SF Giants logo”, you should get a bunch of results back. Then you can resize it to the size you need and just copy/paste it a bunch of times on a Word document and use that for tracing. Hope that helps!

  2. Kim

    What kind of frosting did you use for the SF logo? Was it a gel frosting you bought from the store or was it homemade buttercream?

    • Angelica

      Hi Kim – the frosting I used for these cookies (the white icing plus logo) is a homemade royal icing. The recipe I used is a fairly simple one: 1 lb powdered sugar, 4 Tbsp meringue powder, 1/2 water, mixed with an electric mixer for several minutes, until the desired (thick) consistency is achieved.

  3. Priscilla Linker

    How do you spread the frosting on top of the cookie? Any special utensils used to make it super smooth?


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