I’m the first to admit, though not happily, that I suck at writing with royal icing. There are just many things that can go wrong when it comes to writing with icing. From the icing consistency to my unsteady hand, it’s generally a no-win for me. I have written on cookies with royal icing many times, but I’m always displeased with the lack of uniformity. I always want everything to be as perfect as can be. Yes, I know they’re just cookies, and I do have to keep reminding myself of that quite often, but I just can’t help but care so damn much.

So, after some research and lack of a good quality DIY solution, I decided to pick up a Kopykake 300XK Projector. Don’t know what that is? Well, it’s a basic projector in many ways, but it’s designed to project images onto a horizontal surface, like a table, instead of a vertical surface, like a wall. It really takes me back to those old school high school projectors with transparencies. Ah, the good ol’ days.

The idea is you can print out any image you want, and the projector will project the image onto a cookie. This helps out people like me who can’t write or draw. Can’t freehand draw 20 seahorses or roosters or … I don’t know, catamarans? Apparently, this thing can help.

The model I got is quite large, so I’m glad I chose this one and not the big daddy of them all.


Deciding what to do as my test project was easy – handwriting was a must. I, of course, chose these two lovely words to print out:


And here are my little teal cookie canvases. I let the base color dry overnight so I would have a completely dry surface to work on.


After a few practice runs on some parchment paper, I went for the real deal cookie.


Sadly, the projector can’t do anything about my shaky hand. It is, after all, just a helpful guide and not a miracle machine. My handwriting definitely got better and smoother as I went along. Even though these cookies were just for fun and experimentation, I think my shaky hand reflected the teeny bit of nerves I had going in.


With some lines and dots to finish them off, I had success.



For my next test, I’m going use my new projector to help draw images. I’ve already been convinced by Mr. Gish that I need to make motorcycle helmet cookies. I’ll let you know how that turns out…

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  1. Amy

    Ah, brilliant idea! I am on Google right now searching how to write nicely on a sugar cookies because I am awful too! Where did you get this projector? Thanks!

    • Angelica

      Hi Amy,
      You can find it from a lot of stores online, but I purchased mine from jerrysartarama.com. I found a discount code and was able to get free shipping, so it was the best deal I could find at the time. Hope that helps!


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