Gumball Machine Cake Pops

For the first day of this new year, I thought I’d try something new.

I started by making the way I would any cake pops. The only difference was that in addition to the round balls o’ cake, I also made cylindrical shapes for the base of the gumball machine. Not too different from a regular marshmallow shape really.

I first prepped the base by dipping the lollipop in red dipping chocolate and pushing the stick all the way through the marshmallow-looking base. I made it so about a half inch of the stick was poking out at the top end and the ball top had something to attach to.

Then the whole base went into the red coating. Once the red was set, it was topped with a round cake ball. They reminded me of the cover of this Sunny Day Real Estate album cover.

Time to top it off with white dipping chocolate, sprinkles, and red hots.

Now, ladies and gents, we have gumball machine cake pops!


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