Marshmallow Fondant Cupcake Toppers


I’m a newbie to the world of fondant. I found that fondant, even the store-bought kind, is fairly easy to work with and I really like the smooth look of it. I know that’s the whole point of using fondant and everyone already knows this, but to have finally discovered it myself is going to be life changing. Oh, the possibilities!

After playing the yucky pre-made fondant (from a brand I won’t name here), I made my own homemade marshmallow fondant. My plan is to add these fondant shapes to my wedding cupcakes, so I want them to be tasty in case people want to chow down on the whole thing.

I used this helpful video and recipe.

What a mess I made! I don’t have any “action” shots because my hands were covered in marshmallow and sugar. It’s been a long time since I’ve kneaded dough and I should probably do it more often – it’s quite a workout.

These things below, plus A LOT of confectioners sugar were used to make my little shapes. The custom letter A and S stamps are about one inch across and the perfect size to fit within the heart and circle shapes I had.

I first stamped the letter into the fondant and then centered either the heart or scalloped edge circle over it.


Aaaaaand…. done.



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